School Nurse

     I am excited to be continuing on at Moretown Elementary as the school nurse for school year 2018-2019. I was able to meet some of you the second half of last year, and look forward to becoming acquainted with more of you this school year. I have been impressed with the community commitment and involvement that I have observed. It has been wonderful to experience such positive support. 
     After working many years as a school nurse for 7th-12th graders, now, caring for a younger population I have discovered to be equally delightful and challenging. In fact, it's rather fun. :)

     Like my recent predecessors, I am contracted to work 20 hours/wk. I have attempted to arrange my schedule to cover the busiest times of the school day excluding Wednesdays when Amy Butler will continue to cover the office from 10am-2pm. I am most grateful for her consistency and expertise.
    My hours are as follows:
    Mon & Tuesday- 7:30-2pm
    Thurs & Friday- 10-1:30pm.
Please feel free to communicate with me if you have any concerns pertaining to your child's health and welfare. You can drop in, although I suggest that you avoid the lunch hours from 11-1pm, when I typically see the most visits to the health office; you can call ahead to arrange a time to meet; or simply call or email me. If you email your child's teacher regarding a medical concern, I would ask that you "cc" me, so I can support your child and their teacher in whatever way appropriate. 
Please see below links to Vermont Dept of Health's (VDH) Immunization information forms and requirements. Please be aware that Religious Exemption Forms must be filled out and brought to school at the start of every new school year. 

Warm regards,
Jean Andreson, RN, MSN

My contact information is:
802-583-7858 (direct/message line)


The link for non-prescription medication is attached below for your use.  




Please bring them to Main Office

Accompanied by Medication Permission Form

(copies can be found on community blog or obtained in Main Office)

Fill out portion for Non Prescription Medication

No student will be permitted to carry sunscreen or bug repellent in their backpack back and forth between home and school. This is for safety reasons.

If you want your child to use sunscreen or bug repellent, we ask that sunscreen and or bug repellent be applied at home before school, especially on ECO days when students head out of school early. Most products last for several hours, so an early application should last the day. This request is for practical reasons. We don’t have sufficient hands to apply these at school in a timely manner.

In the event of after school activities, the sunscreens and repellents (accompanied by the medication permission forms) that have been brought to the school,  can be accessed in the Health Office for reapplication either by student > grade 2, or by supervising adult as in the case of MECA.
Duane Pierson,
May 1, 2018, 10:17 AM